The Wide Road

  The Wide Road

"Hodos Stenos"

   ........... News...........  Life is Not Primarily About Us!  
(Seriously, it's not, and that's actually a good thing, good news - as you'll see) 

   When I limit my worldview and perspective to just myself I can easily see how I tend to think life is primarily about me.  This thought will be developed further on this site.  

   And yet we are individuals.  Each of us is unique. 

  Each of us born in the human condition.  Even as we desire Life we are bent on selfishness.  Our selfish condition is referred to as SIN in the Scriptures.  ('Scripture' is a word that the ancients used that meant 'The Sacred Writings'.  

   Because God gave us a 

     Why would any self-respecting person choose a hard and difficult road to travel over an easy road?

   The World,  and the Wide and Tough Road - 

   My Soul,  and the Wide and Tough Road - 

   My Conscience,  and the Wide and Tough Road - 

God designed us with indicator lights in our souls.  They light up on the dashboards of our souls when something is not right under the hood.  We call it a conscience.  

  At times the dashboard lights of our consciences light up in all of us.  This includes those of us who call 
ourselves "christian',  "religious", or "spiritual".  When I am wise I will pay attention when the indicator 
lights light up in my soul.  When I am foolish I ignore them. 

For a bunch of reasons non of us eagerly embrace our conscience as a trusted friend every time it lights up, that is, 
unless it re-assures us of something positive about us.  This is particularly true if you or I have experienced hurts or wounds in our past.  

As kids we learn to gloss over it's corrective voice as merely
 a  nuisance.  We consider that function of our conscience to be: 

... irritatingnagginga kill-joymoma's voice in my head, 'all-these-rules' .......... 

You get the picture.


 Our learned-early response tends to be along the line of :

'That's not what a 'friend' does.  A 'friend' has your back.  My friend doesn't bug me all the time. 
 My conscience is bugging me.  My conscience isn't my friend.'

So we make a pact with ourselves:

We hang signs on the front doors of our consciences that read:


We shut it down, dumb-it and numb-it:

"You're bad news, Conscience.  
It's been real."
"Don't call me - I'll call you!"


  We'll do whatever it takes to shut down   it's  con-vic-ting  voice   regarding 
the unhealthy things we don't want to let go of.  We ........... harder, play faster, occupy ourselves with media, reassure ourselves,
chase addictions, pursue hobbies, socialize/party with friends, or 
ANYTHING ELSE, even good things, that we can latch onto  to make us feel good. 

(And could this possibly be true????:  "Feeling good  feels better than feeling bad!") 

Anything which will numb that irritating voice in my head will do just fine.  


But what about the good?  Surely my conscience is meant to assure me 
when things are alright on the inside, too, 

having my back when the coast is clear!  Right? 

Yes indeed.

              So where is this going???

Caring friends are those who are honest with us as friends.  They don't shy away
 from  helping us face the truth about ourselves, the good and
 the not-so-good  (you can insert the word 'bad' right here if you like).

It takes courage for a person to be willing to listen to his or her conscience.

If I'm willing to take hold of courage and get to the place 
where I am willing  to befriend my conscience and reconsider
 what it tells me and is telling me...

...... especially it's corrective voice ......

How do I begin?