The Road we choose to follow is driven by our desires.  My desire is something that
 is on automatic pilot out of the womb.  You and I pop out wanting.  

My desire will need loving and helpful guidance through the ups and downs
 of living if it is to grow into something that will lead me to make healthy choices.   

It's important that I recognize what my desires are.  So it will be helpful
 if I'm willing to pause and to ask myself ...

  'So What Do You Want?'  

    'Want' (Webster):

   - to have a desire for
   - to wish or demand the presence of
   - to have or feel need/suffer for the lack of something
   - to hunt or seek in order to apprehend


     'Desire' (Webster)

   -  the conscious impulse toward an object or experience      that promises enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment
   -  request or petition for some action
   -  a longing or hope  



What do we want in a time when there are so many choices, 
and when life is filled with so much uncertainty that we feel threatened
 by forces we can't control?

   In the new millenium we might be asking questions like: 

 *  "What is God really like?  Is He watching us like Santa Claus or like Robert E. Lee looking over the city from Lee               Circle?"

 *  "What is the story of life all about?"

 *  "Is God a mysterious, impersonal 'force'?"

 *  "What about all the things I've done?"

 *  "If God is real what kinds of thoughts does He have toward me?"

 *  "Do I need to get up and go someplace every time I want to connect with Him?"

 *  "Where was He when........?" 

 *  "_______________________________________?"     (Are you asking a different question?)  


   Have you ever asked yourself and really thought about it:  

                                                                                                       "What am I after in life? 

                                                                                                                 What do I really want?"