"The Road To Life is Difficult, Few Find It." ~ Jesus of Nazareth


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 The gate that leads to life opens into the same kind of 'garden relationship' 
that Adam and Eve had with God 'back in the garden', though it won't 
be quite like the physical Garden of Eden this side of life. 

That comes after.


  Our Great New Orleans Paradox

When speaking of New Orleans a local was overheard to say, 'Everybody and de-uh moma goes to church on Sunday.'

Our New Orleans is a very religious culture.  Yet most outsiders don't know this.   To them we are famous not for being a religious people but for our corruption, vices, parties and celebrations.

We are perceived as a place to go to have fun in a fun-loving culture and overlooked as being quite religious.


This photo courtesy of The Historic New Orleans Collection 



The Soil and The Seed

   The condition of the soil determines if the seed planted in it will grow. 

   Christ grew up in an agrarian world and apparently had learned some things about how soil and seed interact.  He used these observations to illustrate spiritual truths.

   He spoke of four 'soil conditions' in Matthew 13.   According to Jesus  these conditions make or break the growth potential of seed. 

   He mentions the four soil conditions in a story then interprets the story.

   He states that the seed is the Good News of the Kingdom of God.  And the soil is the condition of the individual human heart who hears about the Kingdom of God in some way, shape or form.

   The condition of the persons heart at the time he or she hears about the Kingdom of God would determine, according to Jesus, what will happen to that "seed" inside the persons life.


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  The kinds of questions that are hard for us to          ask:

   Will I have eternal life?

   Why don't I pause long enough in a day to talk with God?

   How are things way down deep in my soul?

   If my kids or grandkids ask me about eternity what will I tell them?

   Does my relationship with God more closely resemble:

          -  a business connection

          -  a checklist

          -  a long-distance phone call         

          -  required duty

          -  estranged, not on speaking terms

          -  or an adventure-filled, close-encounter, interactive discourse?                      ______________________________________________

This photo courtesy of The Historic New Orleans Collection




Resource Documents

   These are here to assist you in thinking about your spiritual life.  Each article is in two different formats in case you don't have one or the other.  Not to worry, they are not preachy, condemning, or condescending. 

    They are resources that may help you to reflect and consider where you are in your own spiritual journey.

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  Courtesy of The Historic New Orleans Connection