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Welcome to the website! 

Glad you stopped by. 

    This is a space that has grown out of a New Orleans experience.  That will become evident
 as you move through the site.  But the broadcast is for anyone who has ears to hear.

   The Mission of this website is to assist viewers in
                    uncovering and considering life's most pressing dilemma.     


Years ago someone wrote a book that he labeled something close to this: 

'Everything I Need To Know In Life I Knew by the Age of Five'.

 In it he proceeded to explain that he was taught by his parents to live among others according
 to what amounted to five basic Christian values.  And since his parents lived that way 
he easily understood that during his fifth year of life.

The matter after that was whether he would choose to stay on the road he started down or would he choose another way,
another road, with different values that would take him in a different direction in life.

The poet captured the dilemma that each of us must face.  The last lines in his famous poem are: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 
                                                                                                                        ~ Robert Frost

Philosophers, poets, musicians, psychologists, cabdrivers, bar-room patrons,
construction workers, lawyers, doctors, housewives, street folk, food-servers,
pastors, priests, kings, politicians, first-responders, teachers, and more,...........

rich, poor, and in-between,..........

of all races and nations,

have had to and are grappling with the all-important choice in life regarding
which of the two roads to choose that they presume and hope will lead them to life.

Jesus of Nazareth weighed-in on this matter as well. 
While on earth He too had a choice to make.

The son of Joseph, son of David, son of Abraham, spoke
of two different roads in life that lead to two opposing end-places.  

We essentially come into this world moving toward the gate that opens onto the first road.  At a point in early childhood
a vast majority of us head toward this gate by default.  
This gateway appears promising but is anything but. 
   It is  a    w  i  d  e    g a t e   from which proceeds 
  a    w  i  d  e    r o a d  that leads to final destruction and death.

It is appealing and deceptive.

According to Jesus "many" choose this road. 

In the same breath He spoke of
 a gate opening into life as being a  narrow doorway  from which proceeds a second road, a 'difficult' road, that is nevertheless enriching and rewarding and which leads to life .

According to Jesus "few" (as in, 'not many') choose this road.


Jesus' words can be found in the Gospel of Matthew 7:13,14



   Tips for navigating this site .........

   1.  For the New Orleanian I hope you'll enjoy the two pages marked:

       "For New-Orleanians" and "A Locals' Story". 



   2.  Some of you have not yet made the choice to go through the narrow gate that opens onto a different road in life.  Little has changed in your hearts.  Others will presume to have already made that choice.  And still others will not be sure.

    All of us fit into one of these categories.  This site offers some thoughts for each of us.                                                                  

   3.  If you haven't yet changed your mind to go through the narrow gate and travel the road that leads to life then please keep in mind that the "Difficult Road" Page on the far end of the header is written primarily to those who have. 

   Though life is meaningful and rewarding after choosing this road there will be challenges, just like before.  The difference will be what's inside of you.                                                                    

   4.  Some of the resource materials that will be displayed (on the "Resources" Page) are primarily for those who are currently travelling    t h e   w i d e   r o a d   leading to a bad ending.  Perhaps these might help you reconsider the road you are travelling and the emptiness that it brings.                               

   5.  The other materials are designed for those of us who presume that we have had a change of heart and chosen the meaningful, challenging, and joy-filled road beyond the gate. 




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